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*SOLD OUT* PEACHY KEEN ~ Light to Medium Roast - ETHIOPIA

*SOLD OUT* PEACHY KEEN ~ Light to Medium Roast - ETHIOPIA

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Whole Bean Coffee ~ Ethiopia 

Tasting Notes: Caramelized Peach, Sweet, Tea-like

Process: Washed

Shaskiso Washing station Managed by: Abder Malik Keder 

Varietals: 74110, 74518 Heirlooms 

The Shakiso washing station managed by Abder Malik Keder receives high quality cherries from various collecting sites in the area surrounding Shakiso. An intensive amount of care and detail is put into processing each lot of coffee that arrives here, which is evident in the final cup quality. After many seasons of quality and process improvements at this washing station, the flavours have become noticeably more refined and complex, especially this year's crop which has a attributes of intense black tea, florals, and fresh fruit pulp.


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