How often do you stock new items?

Keep checking in as our products will fluctuate on a frequent basis. 


What are your shipping options?

We offer free delivery within the city of Winnipeg, you can expect your product within 3 days of your order. All other orders within Manitoba will be shipped via Canada Post. We offer a $15 flat rate. 

What is Farm Gate Coffee?

Farm Gate is a simple principle that allows coffee producers to make premium prices in reward for coffee quality, and to reinvest to improve quality even more in the future.

Farm Gate pricing means that a price was directly negotiated with the farmer "at the farm gate," that is, without any of the confusing export and import fees. The prices we pay for our coffees are above Fair trade. Fair trade is an organized social movement and market-based approach to empowering developing country producers and promoting sustainability. With farm gate coffees we can easily verify that the good price we pay makes it to the people who do the work, and are responsible for the great cup quality of our coffee. 


Your coffees list the Process Method. What does that mean?

In the simplest of terms, after the coffee cherries are harvested, processing coffee means removing the bean from the fruit.

A few presiding methods of doing this have emerged over the years.  The three main methods to process coffee are Natural (also called dry process), Washed (also called wet processed) and Honey (also called pulped natural). Each method of coffee lends itself to a different final cup flavour. So, roasters select differently processed beans in order to achieve their desired flavour profile.

The Natural Process

This method is perhaps the most ancient and traditional way of doing things. Firstly, the cherries are harvested when they reach peak ripeness. The fruit stays on the bean in this processing method and dries undisturbed.  After harvesting, they spread these cherries out in thin layers to dry naturally under the sun. The cherries are turned routinely to avoid any fermentation, rotting or molding.

Once the cherries are fully dry, the skin and dried fruit flesh is removed. The farmers then store the green coffee beans to “rest” before exporting them to a roaster. Many coffee experts and connoisseurs believe that this method has the potential to create some of the most flavourful coffees.

Since this method is done with the bean drying within the fruit, the flavour of the bean is often sweet and fruity. Coffee varieties processed naturally can have clarity and sweetness like no other.

Natural process also carries environmental advantages, as farms do not use underground water for the process.


The Washed Process

Washed coffee or commonly known as wet coffee is the process where the coffee bean has had various fruit layers removed before the drying process begins. Once the mucilage layer has come off over a period of time with turbulent water, the coffee is then dried.


The Honey Process

Pulped natural or honey process is a method in which the fresh coffee cherries are de-pulped, but allowed to dry without washing. Most of the cherry is gone, but the remaining golden, sticky mucilage is reminiscent of honey, which is where the process gets it name.

Does it matter how I brew my coffee?

There are many elements to making that cup of coffee taste amazing. Mostly, the quality and freshness of your coffee will make the biggest difference!

There are some good drip coffee makers out there that will please the majority of people. Other popular brew methods are using a Aeropress or pour over methods like the Chemex or V60. Some people favor a good French press or a classic espresso. 

Temperature of the water, water quality, the way the coffee is ground also factor into the way coffee ends up tasting. Being precise with the coffee to water ratio will amplify the flavour as well. Get nerdy with us and use a kitchen scale, you'll taste the difference!

Most importantly, have fun with it and maybe you'll discover a new favorite way to drink coffee. 

How do you grind whole bean coffee?

We recommend a burr grinder for a consistent grind. There are a variety of excellent burr grinders out there, manual and electric. Your grind will also change depending on your brew method. Have fun and experiment! There is a ton of information out there for the proper grind coarseness for your specific brew. 


Does Bricolage Coffee Roasters offer coffee subscriptions?

As of right now we do not, but that is definitely in the works for the future. 


Have other questions? email us! We'd love to hear from you! BricolageCoffee@gmail.com