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*SOLD OUT* MELT WITH YOU ~ 250g Whole Bean Coffee ~ Medium Roast ~ Colombia

*SOLD OUT* MELT WITH YOU ~ 250g Whole Bean Coffee ~ Medium Roast ~ Colombia

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250g Whole Bean Coffee - Colombia 

Tasting Notes: Strawberry Wafer & a creamy hint of Chocolate Fondue 

Varietal: Catiope
Altitude: 1550-1680 MASL
Process: Natural Lactic
Farm: Finca El Mirador 
Farmer: Elkin Guzman
Department: Huila
Municipality: Pitalito 

We are thrilled to offer this Catiope varietal, processed by the brilliant Elkin Guzman. His innovative approaches to fermentation excites us as we love straying off the path of normality. We fabricated a medium roast profile for this coffee that brought forward strawberry wafer tasting notes incredibly.

Processing - Natural Lactic:

The coffee cherries are harvested at around 90% ripeness and sterilized in a salt solution. This creates a biome conducive to Lactobacillus propagation (lactic fermentation). The coffee cherries undergo 120-160 hours of dry fermentation and dehydration where the excess moisture content declines to ideal levels before drying. Finally, the cherries are placed on covered raised beds to dry for 25 days!


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