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BUT FIRST... ~ Medium Roast - Whole Bean Coffee ~ Colombia

BUT FIRST... ~ Medium Roast - Whole Bean Coffee ~ Colombia

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Whole Bean Coffee - Colombia 

Tasting Notes: Sponge Toffee & Creamy Chocolate.

Well Balanced.


Department: Narino

Municipality: Buesaco

Farm: Finca El Chirimoyo 

Farmer: Eduardo Trejo 

Variety: Caturra 

Process: Washed Anaerobic

Altitude: 2100 MASL 

Fun Fact: Eduardo Trejo is a 3rd generation coffee farmer who owns and runs Finca El Chirimoyo. Eduardo and his family planted over 6000 coffee trees. In addition to coffee plants, they also grow sugarcane, banana, lemon, and avacado trees. 

Washed Anerobic Process: 

The Washed process in El Finca Chirimoyo begins with the manual harvest of the ripe cherries. A process of soaking the cherries in water to remove floaters and impurities. Cherries that pass this selection are left to ferment for 12 hours in jute bags before they get depulped! Afterwards, the coffee beans undergo a period of anaerobic fermentation in air-tight tanks for 26 hours. In the final steps, the coffees are fully washed and sun-dried for 18 days on patios. 

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